Chapter 11-week11r-Target’s Social Media Atmosphere

IMG_1203After reading chapter 11 in Gina’s Book Social Media- How to Engage, Share, and Connect, I learned the importance and difficulty of writing a traditional press release being handed to the journalist, vs. preparing a press release scheduled to be released on the internet and/or social media platforms. The two are very different, and should not be treated the same. Press Releases posted on social media, are seen at a much more faster rate then that of the traditional news press release. The practitioner associated with the press release has to be very strategic. Meaning which platform(s) am i going to use to release this to for the general public to see, which pictures or videos would be suitable?, and how many links will i provide to enhance the story even further by giving readers the tools and power to gain more information beyond the press release. Their endless objectives that go into writing a press release intended for widespread social media audiences.

I looked at Target’s corporate website to see how they handled their press releases, contact information, etc., and i found they did an excellent job. I immediately noticed how they differentiated their tabs by using bold print for the titles, as well as their contact info for “media hotline”, “guest relations”, “investor relations”, and “advertising inquiries” were easily noticed and accesible. They also had “we strive to return all media inquiries within one business day” right underneath “media hotline”. I thought that was important because they are letting you know they recognize you as a concerned consumer.





Underneath all the contact info., their was different options to sign up for rss feeds, email alerts, and sms alerts. Then below that was all of their different social media accounts right in line with one another, allowing you to link straight to them by opening a new tab, also allowing the browser to stay on the main corporate website, and not lose it by linking away.

My favorite aspect of their website, was at the top where they have their press release categorized by year and subject or product so to speak. (click on my high-lighted target link and you can see this) So if a browser or journalist was looking for a press release relating to Employment with Target, or even groceries sold through Target, they could look all the way back to 2005 and find that release with just a few clicks.

In Target’s “About Us” section, they include seperate smaller tabs like “mission and values”, “history” and “The shopping experience”. This allows the browser to easily navigate to exactly where they want to go without having to scroll through multiple paragraphs and pages, and gives them a sense of conveinent service, without them even being in the actual store.

Target also shows their most recent feature articles about what they are accomplishing for the upcoming holiday season, and their upcoming store closures, and grand openings. Everything they show on their site is very organized and relevant to Target themselves, and their consumers.



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